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🤩 Get excited, you've found a shared calendar for social dancing Salsa and Bachata events in Sydney, that you can add to your calendar app of choice or simply view online!

👇 Below you can find detailed instructions (with 📽️ video) on how to add this shared calendar to your default calendar app on iPhone/iPad/iOS, Android, Gmail (browser), Windows, or just bookmark it.

📱🍎 If you use an iPhone or an iPad

📽️ Watch short video instruction

  1. Copy (do not open) this link:
  2. Open built-in Calendar app
  3. Tap "Calendars" on the bottom
  4. Tap "Add Calendar Subscription"
  5. Paste the link from the first step
  6. Tap "Subscribe" at the bottom
  7. Tap "Add" in the right top corner
  8. Tap "Done" in the right top corner

📱🤖 If you use an Android phone

📽️ Watch short video instruction

  1. Send me privately on Facebook Messenger ( your Gmail (Google) email address that you're using on your phone (if you're not sure - open the Google Calendar app on your phone, tap the menu button on the top left corner, look for an email address like "" in the list)
  2. I will send you an invite to the shared "Socials" calendar
  3. You will receive an email with the subject " has shared a calendar with you", open it
  4. Tap the "Add this calendar" link at the end of the email
  5. If it asks you in which app to open the link - choose (Google) Calendar (you have to be signed in using the same email address that you've sent me)
  6. When it asks you "Add calendar "Socials" to your account?", tap "YES"

💻🍎 If you use a Mac (MacBook, iMac, Mac mini)

  1. Copy (do not open) this link:
  2. Open built-in Calendar app
  3. At the top menu bar, select "File" → "New Calendar Subscription..."
  4. Paste the link from the first step
  5. I recommend setting "Auto-refresh" to "Every hour"

🌐 If you use Browser (Chrome/Edge/etc.) with Gmail or Google

⚠️ This will NOT sync socials to your Android calendar (stupid Google, I know), you will only be able to see them in the Browser (Chrome, etc.), not in the Calendar app.

  1. Open this link:
  2. It'll ask you "Add calendar" - click "Add"

💻🪟 If you Windows computer or laptop

(If you use Gmail/Android - don't bother setting this up, you'll get notifications on the phone and in Chrome anyway. Also, you can add the calendar to Gmail and then just add your Google account to the Windows Calendar app if you really want to)

  1. Go to
  2. Switch to the Calendar view (icon on the left)
  3. Click "Add calendar"
  4. Click "Subscribe from web"
  5. Paste this link:
  6. Enter Calendar name, for example, "Socials"
  7. Click "Import"
  8. Now go to the built-in Calendar app on your PC and make sure that you're signed in there with your account (if not - click the settings icon in the left bottom corner → "Manage Accounts" → "Add Account" and follow prompts)

🌐 Bookmark on any device

Just bookmark this page in your browser:

Any questions? - ask Max